Pipeline monitoring

Maven is an end-to-end solution provider in the pipeline monitoring domain. Maven's solution is a wireless pipeline monitoring system that works on GPRS / 3G / Wi-Fi / Ethernet technology. A mesh network deployed on the field, along with repeaters, give Maven's solution an edge over conventional solutions in the field. The data that Maven provides is not only used to make informed business decisions, but to also pinpoint faulty control stations, and thus helps on saving the operational costs. As there are no wires involved, the installation and maintenance cost is also as low as possible.

Key benefits

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  1. WiART module with long range: up to 5 KMs line of sight (LoS).
  2. Repeater functionality allows effective range of hundreds of Kms.
  3. No changes needed to existing instrumentation.
  4. Centralized cloud based application for monitoring and control of,
    • Nodal data loggers
    • Diagnostics
    • Alerts
    • Reports
  5. Multi user, multi-site and multi-level access support.
  6. Easy integration with your existing IT software system.
  7. Scalable for future expansions.
Pipeline monitoring solution

How it works?

  1. WiART series of low power radio frequency modules (LPRF) connected with pipeline data logger over serial port to make it wireless.
  2. WiART module connected to data logger will communicate with data concentrator unit placed in field station room or control room over RF.
  3. The communication between WiART and DCU will form a mesh network.
  4. Data concentrator unit communicates with WiART near to wind data logger over LPRF and communicates with the cloud server over GPRS network.
  5. One data concentrator unit support up to 300 WiART -LPRF nodes and supports up to 50 hops for large area coverage.
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Features Conventional solution Maven's WiART based solution
Data monitoring Hundreds of kilometers of wires or GPRS connectivity at each control station. No wires needed and a small number of GPRS enabled gateways.
Range Completely dependent on GPRS WiART forms a long range, robust network to transfer data till GPRS enabled gateway.
Diagnostics Manual intervention needed to detect and fix problems. Remote monitoring, and pinpoint to faulty control stations.
Communication network Point-to-point network. Mesh network with repeaters.
Redundant communication Not possible. Possible.
Old site upgrade Very costly, as entire hardware has to be changed. Firmware upgrade takes place over-the-air (OTA). In case the module is not working, the entire hardware needs not be changed, only a new WiART module has to be installed.
Cost of network High installation cost for wiring and change of hardware. High operational cost due to GPRS connection on each control station. High maintenance cost for repairing wires. Low installation cost as WiART module has to be only installed. Low operational cost as limited number of GPRS gateways are needed. Low maintenance cost as no wires are needed for the solution.


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