Smart meter manufactures

Key benefits
  1. Ease of integration.
  2. No change in meter firmware.
  3. Support on POC for sample meter firmware.
  4. End to end solution with software and hardware components.
  5. Support for customization as per utility requirement.
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  1. 1. ZigBee (2.4 GHz, 868 MHz)
  2. Sub-1 GHz (SmartMesh) (865-867 MHz)
  3. Long range up to 5 KMs (LoS)
  4. Free mix of short range and long range modules, repeaters, HHU, DCU
  5. Pick and choose best working technology: PLC, GPRS, Wi-Fi
  6. No changes needed to existing instrumentation.
  7. Centralized cloud based application for monitoring and control of,
How it works?
  1. WiART, a retrofit module, can be fitted into the meter through TTL/ RS232.
  2. The data can be collected by two ways,
  3. WiART module is enabled with mesh network routing algorithm, which supports the routing of communication.
  4. In case of node failure, the WiART module communicates with other module and reports the fail node information to DCU.
  5. It hops data for large area network (support 50 hops).
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